Executive Team

Picosun's management team consists of skilled experts with experience in ALD from four decades.

Email addresses: replace "at" with @.


Chairman of the Board
Chief Executive Officer
Kustaa Poutiainen
kustaa.poutiainen at picosun.com


Chief Technology Officer
(Deputy CEO)
Timo Malinen
timo.malinen at picosun.com


Managing Director
Juhana Kostamo
juhana.kostamo at picosun.com

Patents and Applications (Various assignees)

Teemu Törmänen

Operations Director
Teemu Törmänen
teemu.tormanen at picosun.com

Chief Financial Officer
Kimmo Viitaharju
kimmo.viitaharju at picosun.com


Applications and Services Director
Erik Østreng, Ph.D.
erik.ostreng at picosun.com