Sven Lindfors, CTO of Picosun Oy, has significantly contributed to the development of

  • ALD production tools at Lohja Oy 1975 – 1987.
  • ALD R&D tools at Mikrokemia Oy 1987 - 1999.
  • ALCVD™ R&D and production tools at ASM Microchemistry Ltd. 1999 – 2003.
  • ALD R&D and production tools at Picosun Oy 2004 ->

Dr. Tuomo Suntola, Member of Picosun Board of Directors, invented and patented the Atomic Layer Deposition method in Finland in 1974.

  • Introduction of ALD with potential to electro-luminescent flat panel display application 1974 – 1977.
  • Initiator and the head of flat panel display division at Lohja Oy 1977 – 1987. Development of ALD for industrial production of electroluminescent flat panel displays.
  • Founder and Directing Manager of Microchemistry Ltd. 1987 – 1997. Expansion of ALD technology to semiconductor applications and catalytic surface fabrication.
  • R&D Fellow at Neste Oy and Senior Scientific Advisor at Fortum Oyj 1998 – 2003. Emphasis on sustainable energy future.
  • Executive Advisor of Picosun Oy through Suntola Consulting Ltd. since 2004. Member of Picosun Board of Directors since June 2007.