Dr. Tuomo Suntola, Member of Picosun Board of Directors, invented and patented the Atomic Layer Deposition method in Finland in 1974.
  • Introduction of ALD with potential to electro-luminescent flat panel display application 1974 – 1977.
  • Initiator and the head of flat panel display division at Lohja Oy 1977 – 1987. Development of ALD for industrial production of electroluminescent flat panel displays.
  • Founder and Directing Manager of Microchemistry Ltd. 1987 – 1997. Expansion of ALD technology to semiconductor applications and catalytic surface fabrication.
  • R&D Fellow at Neste Oy and Senior Scientific Advisor at Fortum Oyj 1998 – 2003. Emphasis on sustainable energy future.
  • Executive Advisor of Picosun Oy through Suntola Consulting Ltd. since 2004. Member of Picosun Board of Directors since June 2007.

Sven Lindfors, former CTO of Picosun Oy, has significantly contributed to the development of

  • ALD production tools at Lohja Oy 1975 – 1987.
  • ALD R&D tools at Mikrokemia Oy 1987 - 1999.
  • ALCVD™ R&D and production tools at ASM Microchemistry Ltd. 1999 – 2003.
  • ALD R&D and production tools at Picosun Oy 2004 ->