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Picosun has dozens of production customers around the world. The most important application areas for Picosun’s ALD technology are in the field of semiconductor industries, where PICOSUN™ production ALD systems realize IC component, sensor, MEMS, and LED manufacturing. Several PICOSUN™ ALD tools are also in daily production use to manufacture protective, decorative, antitarnishing, and biocompatible coatings.

In addition to industrial customers, Picosun has a solid, long-standing base of R&D customers in high level research institutes and organizations on all continents.

Below please find references to some of our industry customers:

"Our PICOSUN™ ALD system has been providing stable and reliable processing for implant surface coating already for a number of years, creating a competitive advantage for our products in the medical implant market. We do recommend PICOSUN™ ALD technology for all of the industries where surface modification on microscale plays a key role in the product development."
Mr. Evgeniy Kozlov, Executive Director of CONMET LLC
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“We would wholeheartedly recommend PICOSUN to anyone looking for a fully developed and extremely reliable system regarding ALD technology, no matter what the area of application."
Mr. Alfred Gnadenberger and Dr. Lukas Lauter, Austrian Mint
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"Picosun offers a flexible system with a reaction chamber which design is excellent for our wide variety of substrates. The system is reliable, their support is great and there is lots of knowledge about ALD in the company. I would recommend Picosun to anyone who is looking for a research or production ALD system.”

Dr. Mårten Rooth, Nanexa, Sweden

Picosun press release 31st March, 2014 (Bosch)

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