Integrated Circuits (IC)

Picosun provides production-proven ALD solutions with world-leading process quality for all semiconductor industries. PICOSUN™ batch and cluster ALD tools are optimized for wafer sizes up to 300 mm (even 450 mm also available) with the leading hardware and software design, full industrial automation, the widest selection of substrate handling options, and compatibility with the SEMI standards.

ALD is a key enabling technology in IC component manufacturing. It enables the constant miniaturization of the component size in accordance to Moore’s law, increased level of system and module integration such as 3D packaging using through-silicon-via (TSV) structures, and faster, compact, and more efficient data processing and storage. When the active layer thickness approaches nanometer scale, ALD is the only thin film coating method capable of producing the highest quality uniform, conformal, and pinhole-free films with digital repeatability and reliability.

Today, several of the world’s largest microelectronics industries rely on Picosun’s ALD technology to realize their most advanced products such as
  • Transistors IC 1 350x227
  • Capacitors
  • Memories
  • Read heads

Enabled by ALD-manufactured

  • High-k oxide films
  • Spacer oxide films
  • Inter-poly dielectric oxide films
  • Tunneling oxide films
  • Blocking oxide films
  • Gap-filling oxide films
  • Passivation films
  • Capping layer films
  • Copper barrier and seed films
  • Adhesion layer films
  • Conductive metal films for interconnects 
  • Diffusion barrier films

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Prior to purchase, our demo service ensures your ALD system is 100% optimized for your most demanding production needs. After purchase, our Picosupport™ services guarantee the most comprehensive after-sales care with fast lead times and 24/7/365 availability on request.

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