MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS)

Picosun’s leading ALD equipment design enables always uniform and conformal thin film formation even on the most challenging 3D nanostructures such as ultra-high aspect ratio trenches, gaps, voids, steps, and vias – elements typical in MEMS devices. Nanolaminates with sharp interfaces can be easily manufactured with ALD with digital process control and repeatability – impossible to achieve with any other thin film coating method.

Possibility to low processing temperatures and the gentle, gas-phase nature of the deposition process are further attributes to make ALD an optimal method for manufacturing functional and structural MEMS layers such as

  • Adhesion layers ALD HfO2 with excellent step coverage
  • Diffusion barriers
  • Charge dissipative layers
  • Layers lowering frictional wear
  • Optical layers
  • Films to close nanoscale pores
  • Biocompatible coatings
  • Coatings for hermetical sealing
  • Hydrophobic layers to decrease stiction
  • Conformal, thermally conductive layers
  • Conductive seed layers for plating purposes
  • Etch masks and etch stop layers
  • Conformal, electrically insulating layers

Today, various MEMS industries around the world utilize Picosun’s ALD technology in their production. PICOSUN™ 200 mm batch ALD tools are ideal for sensor, print head, MEMS microphone, and optical, medical, and bioMEMS production, to name a few key applications. The world-class process quality and equipment design are completed with a wide selection of industrial automation and loading options optimal for MEMS manufacturing: Batch loading with flipping mechanism, vacuum batch loading, cassette-to-cassette loading with cluster tools, and N2 cabinet loading.
ALD SiO2 with excellent conformality
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Prior to purchase, our demo service ensures your ALD system is 100% optimized for your most demanding production needs. After purchase, our Picosupport™ services guarantee the most comprehensive after-sales care with fast lead times and 24/7/365 availability on request.

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