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Picosun’s ALD solutions provide an unbeatable way to protect coins, watch parts, and jewelry items from tarnishing, corrosion, and wear. Invisible, nanometer-scale ALD film covers uniformly, conformally, and 100% pinhole-free even the smallest surface details, efficiently encapsulating the underlying material from ambient air, moisture, and pollution. Transparent ALD coating preserves the shine and brightness of the valuable decorative items, and even enhances the natural luster of noble metal pieces.

In applications where colored coatings are desired for, ALD produces shiny, vibrant, metallic tones which hue can be exactly and repeatedly controlled by tuning the ALD film thickness. Due to the uniformity and the surface-controlled formation mechanism of the ALD coating no color distortions or rippling effects can be seen even over large areas.

Various minting industries and decorative item manufacturers worldwide have chosen Picosun’s ALD solutions to improve the quality, looks, and lifetime of their products.

PICOSUN™ batch ALD systems are optimal for coating large volumes of 3D items such as watch parts, coins, and jewelry. Possibility to low processing temperatures and the gentle, gas-phase nature of the ALD method ensure even the most delicate details of the valuable items do not suffer damage in the coating process. Processing in large batches keeps the costs at reasonable level, and the wide variety of industrial automation options available for PICOSUN™ ALD tools – such as batch handling with industrial robotics – keeps your production running day and night. Picosun’s ALD processes for protective and decorative coatings are thoroughly tested and proven in various production environments around the world.

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Prior to purchase, our demo service ensures your ALD system is 100% optimized for your most demanding production needs. After purchase, our Picosupport™ services guarantee the most comprehensive after-sales care with fast lead times and 24/7/365 availability on request.

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