Solid State Lighting (LEDs and OLEDs)

Picosun’s ALD technology brings significant competitive edge and added value for LED and OLED manufacturers, in the form of improved LED efficiency and lifetime, and efficient encapsulation of OLED structures against moisture penetration. The versatility of PICOSUN™ ALD systems allows processing on wafers, 3D structures, and powders – offering surface treatment solutions for all LED and OLED materials.

PICOSUN™ batch ALD reactors are optimal for high volume LED production on 200 mm wafers. Picosun offers world-leading selection of industrial automation and substrate handling options such as batch loading with flipping mechanism, vacuum batch loading, cassette-to-cassette loading with cluster tools, and N2 cabinet loading – ideal for the top quality manufacturing with the highest process purity and SEMI compatibility. The package is completed with Picosun’s production-proven ALD process solutions for solid state lighting.

Several leading, global LED manufacturers have chosen Picosun’s ALD technology for their daily production.

Follow the links below to find the PICOSUN™ ALD equipment optimal for your solid state lighting applications:

Prior to purchase, our demo service ensures your ALD system is 100% optimized for your most demanding production needs. After purchase, our Picosupport™ services guarantee the most comprehensive after-sales care with fast lead times and 24/7/365 availability on request.

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