To answer the challenge of ALD having a reputation of a "slow" method, PICOSUN™ P-series batch system can be fully automated and capable of coating hundreds or even thousands of wafers per hour, with several batch ALD reactors clustered together and operated with an industrial robot. Picosun ALD process tools are well known for the fact that their generic design allows results of research to be smoothly turned into production use. PICOSUN™ P-series ALD tools are a prime example of this, offering Picosun's trademark fast, reliable, versatile and uniquely upscaleable high volume ALD manufacturing without compromising even the strictest industrial quality and repeatability standards. Excellent film uniformities in batch (thickness STD < 1 % with Al2O3 on up to 300 mm silicon wafers), and particle level down to 2 added particles/ wafer have been achieved by numerous customers on three continents.


PICOBATCH(TM) reaction chamber for high volume manufacturing