PICOFLOAT™  particle coating system

Powder materials form the basis of a huge number of industrial products, catalysts for chemistry and biochemistry, solid state batteries, pigments, additives for e.g. rubber, paper, plastic, cardboard and food, and medical and cosmetic substances being just a few examples. With ALD coatings the surface of the particles can be tailored according to e.g. electrical, optical, physical or chemical properties or the particles can be functionalized for completely new actions. Catalyst manufacturing with ALD is also more environmentally-friendly than conventional, wet chemistry –based methods.

In Picosun's novel, innovative PICOFLOAT™ particle coating system the powder to be coated is in a constant motion which ensures uniform ALD film formation on every particle down to nano-scaled dimensions. PICOFLOAT™ system is available for all, both old and new PICOSUN ™ ALD reactors, up from the PICOSUN™ R-200 series.


Cu-Al3O220000X0003            Cu-Al3O240000X0002

Above: Cu nanoparticles coated with 1 nm Al2O3 in a PICOSUN™ ALD reactor.