PICOPLASMA™ source system

Picosun’s innovative PICOPLASMA™ source system for PEALD (plasma-enhanced ALD) is based on a highly advanced, ion-free remote plasma source, proven by key customers around the globe. Various excited state species such as oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen radicals can be generated to broaden the range of ALD process chemistries. Due to very low ion count, the remote source enables the processing of even the most sensitive substrates without plasma damage, all while retaining high reactive species flux.

The PICOPLASMA™ source system can be mounted on existing PICOSUN™ ALD reactors or the whole PEALD system can be installed as one compact, small footprint deposition unit capable of easy implementation, quick maintenance, and low cost-of-ownership. The system can also be fully automated by integrating it into the PICOPLATFORM™ cluster tool.

PICOPLASMA™ technical features

  • Plasma generator and power supply integrated in one compact system
  • Mounted to the transfer chamber with connection to the reaction chamber
  • Commercial RF plasma generator with adjustable 100 – 3000 W power, 1.7 – 3 MHz RF frequency
  • Generator MTBF > 100 000 h
  • Protective gas flow in the intermediate space (no back-diffusion of the plasma species)
  • Plasma ignition without pressure oscillation (no particle formation)
  • Ideal for metal and metal nitride depositions (no short-circuiting)
  • Possibility to plasma and thermal ALD cycling during the same deposition run without hardware changes to the system

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