PICOPLATFORM™ vacuum cluster tool

PICOPLATFORM™ vacuum cluster continues the idea of unique scalability which is inbuilt in all Picosun's products. The system comprises of several individual ALD reactors clustered around a central vacuum robot loading and controlling unit, which enables automatic cassette-to-cassette loading between the carrier cassettes and clustered ALD tools without breaking the vacuum in between. Clustering with other process modules such as pre-treatment and deposition systems is also possible. First of the new PICOPLATFORM™ systems was built in 2008 and has already undergone and passed our rigid testing procedures. The large customer base of PICOSUN™ ALD tools and the fact that Picosun is working closely with the leading provider of vacuum automation solutions to the semiconductor industry, Brooks Automation, guarantees optimal performance, support, manufacturability and maintainability of automated PICOSUN™ ALD systems with flexibility to meet the unique automation requirements of any industry. The updated, next generation PICOPLATFORM™ system, launched to the market 2011, has also the option for plasma-enhanced ALD and UHV (ultra-high vacuum) compatibility, it can process Si wafers up to 300 mm / 12" in diameter and the selection of depositable materials ranges from the conventional oxides, nitrides and sulfides to metals (including noble ones) and even polymers. Most of the PICOPLATFORM™ system customers represent the integrated circuits (IC) industry but the system has also been a success in solar cell industry and research, which is why it is also available for square solar wafers of 156 mm x 156 mm of size.

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