PICOSUN™ P-series

Fully automatic batch or single wafer processing for high volume manufacturing

PICOSUN™ P-series ALD tools represent the cutting-edge of industrial ALD. Capable of handling wafer batches up to 450 mm size, the P-series tools have options for full automation, vacuum cluster, production line, and SEMI compatibility, and various sample handling and loading solutions.

PICOSUN™ P-series ALD reactors ensure maximum yields with minimum system downtime and low cost-of-ownership, with production-proven processes. High throughput with world-leading process purity and film uniformity fulfills the strictest quality requirements of today’s semiconductor industries.

Prior to purchase, our demo service guarantees the reactor is optimized for 100 % fulfillment of your most demanding production requirements.


Customer data showing excellent film properties achieved on 300 mm (12”) Si wafers in PICOSUN™ P-300 ALD tools (in stand-alone and cluster mode in the PICOPLATFORM™ 300 system).

Non-uniformity (1σ)
FT = film thickness
Rs = sheet resistance
Electrical properties
VBD = breakdown voltage
Rs = sheet resistance
FT 0.90 %
VBD > 8 MV/cm
FT 0.35 %
VBD > 3.5 MV/cm, process dependent
FT 0.50 %
Process dependent
Rs 2.39 %
Rs 77.4 Ω/sq.

Customer data showing excellent Al2O3 batch process quality in a PICOSUN™ P-300 ALD tool. Batch size: 2 x 27 pieces of 150 mm (6”) Si wafers.

Thickness non-uniformity in-wafer
< 1 % 1σ
0.51 % 1σ
Thickness non-uniformity in-batch
< 1 % 1σ
0.80 % 1σ
Deposition rate variation batch-to-batch
< 1 % 1σ
0.18 % 1σ
Added particles/wafer (>70 nm)
< 8
Refractive index @ 190 nm   
> 1.86
> 1.864
Film delamination or pinholes after HF etch
Film stress
< 200 Mpa
< 200 Mpa
Alkali contamination
< 10E10 at/cm2
< 0.02E10 at/cm2
MTTM < 4 h
MTBM > 6 months
Uptime > 90 %


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