R-200 Standard

Basic features

Substrate size and type 50 – 200 mm single wafers
Wafer minibatch up to 150 mm
156 mm x 156 mm solar Si wafers
3D objects
Powders and particles
Through-porous and HAR samples
Process temperature 50 – 500 °C, higher on request
Substrate loading options Pneumatic lift (manual loading)
Load lock with magnetic manipulator arm
Precursors Liquid, solid, gas, ozone
Up to 6 sources with 4 separate inlets


Weight 350 kg
Dimensions (W x H x D) Depending on options
Minimum 146 cm x 146 cm x 84 cm
Maximum 189 cm x 206 cm x 111 cm


Power supply 200-240 VAC, 1-phase, 50/60 Hz
Fuse 1 x 16 Amps
Power depending on options
Vacuum pump Recommendation min. 100 – 420 m3/h, mechanical particle trap
Carrier gas 99.999 % N2 / Ar, min 2 slm
Compressed dry air 4 – 5.5 bar overpressure
Cooling water Only required for dry vacuum pump, not for the reactor
Exhausts Reactor frame, vacuum pump, source cabinets


PICOFLOW™ diffusion enhancer, QCM, RGA, N2 generator, gas scrubber, customized designs, glove box compatibility