Picosun - production-proven ALD solutions

Picosun is the leading supplier of high quality Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) thin film coating solutions for industrial production.

PICOSUN™ ALD product portfolio ranges from fully automated, SEMI compliant batch and cluster systems for high volume manufacturing to smaller scale R&D and pre-pilot production tools. Production-proven coating solutions for IC, MEMS, LED, sensor, and 3D component processing are mastered with world-class process quality, the leading equipment design, the most comprehensive process support, and the best customer care.


  • IC components

    IC components

    ALD is a key enabling technology in today’s IC component and other semiconductor device manufacturing. World’s leading industries in the field use Picosun’s fully automated, high throughput, SEMI compliant ALD coating equipment to realize the most advanced memory, logic, and hard drive components. For IC industries, Picosun provides the most comprehensive ALD solutions with market-leading process quality for batch processing up to 300 mm wafer size. For more information contact info@picosun.com directly.

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  • MEMS and sensors

    MEMS and sensors

    In MEMS manufacturing, ALD realizes precisely uniform and conformal functional layers inside deep trenches and other nanoscale features impossible to coat with other thin film methods. Today, various global MEMS industries use Picosun’s ALD technology to produce the highest quality sensors, print heads, and optical and bioMEMS devices. Picosun provides MEMS industries with high throughput ALD solutions with fully automated loading options optimized for the strictest requirements of MEMS manufacturing. For more information contact info@picosun.com directly.

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  • Lighting


    LEDs and OLEDs are the future of lighting. Picosun’s ALD technology realizes high volume production of brighter and more long-lasting LEDs, and efficient encapsulation of OLEDs against moisture penetration. For solid state lighting industries, Picosun offers high throughput, fully automated ALD solutions optimized for LED wafer size and sample handling requirements, with industry-proven, leading process quality on the market. For more information contact info@picosun.com directly.

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  • 3D parts

    3D parts

    ALD’s unique ability to form perfectly hermetic, uniform, and transparent film over even the microscopic surface details makes it an ideal method for anti-tarnish treatment of noble metal items. If colored coatings are desired for, ALD provides those with exactly controlled, perfectly uniform hue even over large areas. In medical technology, encapsulation of implantable devices with biocompatible ALD coating improves the implant lifetime and patient safety. Picosun offers the most comprehensive industrial ALD solutions for protection of coins, jewelry, and surgical implants, with production-proven process quality. For more information contact info@picosun.com directly.

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Customer testimonials

“The Picosun reactors are designed by ALD experts for a single purpose to do ALD. I would recommend Picosun to anyone who is looking for production-proven and optimized, leading quality ALD solutions for their manufacturing needs, provided by the true experts of the technology. Picosun covers the complete spectrum of ALD tools from basic R&D equipment to process transfer to productive, industrial-scale platforms like batch chambers that can also be clustered for automatic wafer processing in a wafer fab production.”
Dr. Jonas Sundqvist, Lund University, Sweden

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