Picosun’s co-organizes 2nd China ALD Conference

ESPOO, Finland, and SHANGHAI – Picosun Oy, leading atomic layer deposition (ALD) equipment manufacturer has co-organized the 1st International Conference on ALD Applications and 2nd China ALD Conference in cooperation with Fudan University, one of China’s top universities. The event took place in Shanghai 15th – 16th October at Fudan University’s premises.

The Conference Committee was co-chaired by Prof. David Wei Zhang, Dean of the Department of Microelectronics at Fudan University and Dr. Wei-Min Li, Applications Director of Picosun and CEO of Picosun Asia Pte. Ltd. The members included world’s most renowned ALD scientists such as Prof. Markku Leskelä from University of Helsinki, Prof. Minghwei Hong from National Taiwan University, Prof. Robert Wallace from University of Texas at Dallas, Prof. Peter Ye from Purdue University, Prof. Hongjin Fan from Nanyang Technological University, and Prof. Mato Knez from Nanogune. The Organizing Committee included Prof. Shi-Jin Ding from Fudan University, Prof. Yongfeng Mei from Fudan University, and Mr. Stephen Liu, CEO of Beijing Honoprof Sci. & Tech. Ltd, Picosun’s distribution partner in China.

The conference attracted approximately 100 participants and high quality presentations and posters were presented by top ALD researchers around the world. The topics covered a wide range of applications, ALD fundamentals, as well as the most advanced research results in microelectronic devices, integration, and nanosciences.

“China is one of the fastest growing ALD communities with many top research institutes and industries working on exciting applications. Thanks to the organizing committee and excellent speakers, we have seen some of the world’s most advanced research being actively developed and discussed during this event. The already second China ALD conference has become a central event to broaden the cooperation between research groups in China and throughout the world”, states Dr. Wei-Min Li, Applications Director of Picosun.

Picosun Oy is a Finland-based, world-wide operating manufacturer of state-of-the-art ALD systems, representing continuity to almost four decades of pioneering, exclusive and groundbreaking ALD reactor design and manufacturing. Picosun’s global headquarters are located in Espoo, Finland, its production facilities in Kirkkonummi, Finland, US headquarters in Detroit, Michigan, and its Asian headquarters in Singapore. Today, PICOSUN™ ALD systems are in daily production and R&D use in numerous prominent industries and research organizations across four continents.

Representatives of Picosun and Picosun’s distributor in China, Beijing Honoprof Sci. & Tech. Ltd., in the 2nd China ALD Conference. From left to right: Mr. Stephen Liu, CEO of Honoprof; Mr. Juhana Kostamo, Managing Director of Picosun; Ms. Lisa Liu, sales assistant of Honoprof Shanghai office; Dr. Wei-Min Li, Applications Director of Picosun and CEO of Picosun Asia Pte. Ltd.; and Mr. Yalding Ding, sales representative of Honoprof Shanghai office.

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