Changing the world one atomic layer at a time

    ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) is the next generation of coating technologies for all purposes. We should know, because we are the pioneer in it.

    The enabler of our digital life

    Smartphones. Green energy. IoT. Revolutionary Medtech innovations. The world we know today would not be possible without ALD – the thin film coating technology crucial for the semiconductor industry, 3D object coating, MedTech and more.

    Pioneers of ALD

    We invite you to the homebase of ALD. With the deep technological know-how, global ecosystem of leading experts and the market’s most modern tools, we are your trusted partner along your entire ALD journey. Let’s innovate the future together. One atom at a time.

    PicoPeriodic Article Bank

    Search publications based on research done with Picosun ALD tools.

    Picosun Webinar

    ALD – The perfect thin film coating technology for electronical implants

    Fraunhofer ISIT

    Picosun delivers powder MEMS technology platform to Fraunhofer ISIT.

    Organic electronics

    Picosun solution enables stretchable organic electronics manufacturing on large scale.

    ALD is all around us


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