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    What will you be part of?

    ALD is true high-tech, where invisible films only a few atomic layers thick create huge possibilities for the whole of mankind. The ALD technology itself has taken huge steps forward under Picosun’s organization. We thrust innovation and systematic work to help us discover the forthcoming possibilities of ALD. Join our crew and become part of the journey!

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    Success is created together

    We are a knowledgeable ALD specialized organization, whose passion is innovation. We work every day in an ambitious ambience and we do not fear to do things differently. We want to be the best ALD-partner in the world. We value teamwork and collaboration, because we believe success comes from working together.

    Our Picosun family is worldwide and we think highly of our global network, which includes our employees, sales representatives, distributors, service partners, customers and collaboration partners. Our versatile community is unbuttoned and flexible, and we welcome new members with an open mind. We can offer you a challenging and versatile job in a dynamic, fast developing high-tech company with a supportive team and innovative spirit.

    Step forward and join our Picosun family.

    We are a bold and ambitious organization

    Our company and the whole industry is constantly growing. We want to be a part of the nascent trends of our industry. Our employees are driven to find better solutions and create new innovations for our customers.

    We value collaboration and succeed together

    Our teams are our best resource. People are happier and they perform better when they are supported by people of similar interests. We believe that the greatest success comes from collaboration.

    We are an international and diverse community

    We know that the best talents come from very different backgrounds. While working with us you will encounter different cultures and people. We value our international network and wish to broaden it to stay on top of the development.

    Our culture is relaxed and flexible

    We are more interested in getting the job done than how or when it is done. Our working hours are flexible and we work with many clients and stakeholders from different time zones. Our tone of work is relaxed.


    Open positions

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    Picosun’s entire ethos revolves around our customers – without them, we are nothing. Our team of dedicated professionals push out all the stops to rapidly create precisely tailored, high-quality solutions that exceed our customers’ specific needs, engaging in continuous dialogue and making sure that we keep all of our promises throughout the lifetime of our customer solutions. Only by ensuring our Customers´ success can we succeed. Our aim is always to be the best – from the little details all the way to the bigger picture!​​​​​​​


    Innovation is at the heart of what we do at Picosun. We were involved in inventing ALD technology, but we are never happy to just rest on our laurels. We have continued to break new ground in ALD technology, often being first with innovative solutions that disrupt the markets, and we own a number of vital patents in the field. We don’t just make tools. We are problem-solvers, and our innovative spirit drives our internal processes, working methods and practices, as well as our complete ALD solutions and the related tools. We are still continually working at the frontiers of ALD, striving to engage our creativity to push the technology further for the benefit of our customers – and their customers.​​​​​​​


    At Picosun, we live and breathe collaboration. We know we can only achieve our goals when we are all pulling in the same direction. Collaboration is vital to success in a demanding market. In our projects, we share information, we listen, and we help each other, providing support and constructive feedback. The best and most innovative solutions come from being truly open to other people’s ideas. We take the same approach to working with our customers, research partners, and other stakeholders, too. We have repeatedly proved that we are a trustworthy and reliable partner, and we show trust in others as well.


    We want to produce solutions that we can be truly proud of. At Picosun, we strive to be the best we can possibly be. We are true professionals, with reliable working methods and a team of talented people who genuinely care. We are honest and trustworthy – when we make a promise, we keep it. If we encounter a problem, we don’t shy away from it – we find a solution. We shoulder our responsibilities, and we take ownership rather than run away. Trust is core to what we do at Picosun, and we always do whatever it takes to win our customers’ trust.


    We work hard to create an atmosphere where everybody is valued equally. Everyone at Picosun is a member of one and the same team. We are supportive and encouraging, nurturing each other’s development as professionals, and as people. We respect each other, and we value diversity, differing viewpoints and varied opinions. This is not just true within our company – we take the same attitude and approach into our work with customers and other stakeholders, too.  We recognize our social responsibilities, and we live up to them. Our caring attitude is clearly visible in our high ethical standards, our social responsibility, our environmental awareness and responsibility, and our focus on health and safety.


      Global Bonus System

      The global bonus system boosts company growth strategy and recognizes success. All permanent Picosun employees are eligible to participate.

      Spot Recognition

      The spot recognition recognises Company Value based and excellent performance. All Picosunians are eligible for Spot recognition.

      Picosun Academy

      The Picosun Academy supports and enables individual growth and is part of Global Learning & Training solutions.







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