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    Picosun is a leading supplier of high quality Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) thin film coating solutions for industries and R&D. Due to the growing interest towards ALD throughout the global industrial scene, we are constantly seeking new people to complete our highly motivated and skillful organization. We offer you a challenging and versatile job in a dynamic, fast developing high-tech company with a supportive team and innovative spirit. Let us tell you why you should consider us as your next career step.

    Commitment means caring. We want to provide the best, safest, and user-friendliest ALD products. As such, technology and innovation is our passion. We constantly innovate, invest, and develop our existing and new ALD solutions and take ALD to new fields. Our aim is to help our customers to be the forerunners in their own fields of expertise. This is why we are always looking for more people to join our team – the team that is Picosun’s atomic layer. 

    Picosun family is global and diverse

    The Picosun team is more than just Picosun employees. The global family includes sales representatives, distributors, service partners, customers and collaboration partners. We take on international and national R&D projects to broaden our network, to stay on top of development, and to take our technology to new frontiers. We participate and sponsor ALD conferences and organize ALD workshops around the world to educate people.

    We put safety and wellbeing first

    The working environment at Picosun is safe and functional. We have an uncompromised zero injuries target for our operations. We treat our employees equally and supportively. We gather feedback through surveys on how satisfied Picosun employees are in their work, and develop the company’s management, leadership, and working environment accordingly.

    We know wellbeing in work is strongly connected to employees’ skills and competencies. The more and/or better you are able to do things, the more you can contribute and the more you feel satisfaction. That’s why we invest in our employees’ training and arrange employee and network gatherings to develop our communication and share knowledge – and just for fun.

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