Our values form a foundation for all our actions and co-operation with customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders. Customer focus, innovation, collaboration, accountability and care come alive in our everyday decisions.  We are committed to continuously challenge ourselves to operate more sustainably, including all the aspects of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) issues. 

    In our everyday lives, we come across with many ALD technology implementations such as in smartphones, solar panels, Li-ion batteries and medical appliances. But this is just the beginning. By co-operating closely with leading industry players and scientific researchers, Picosun enables its clients to broaden the spectrum of products and industries where ALD can be applied. The technology we produce is not visible by eye but has a key role in solving customers’ challenges and prolonging products life cycle.

    In addition to paying attention to environmental aspects in our every-day operations, Picosun enables development of new products and solutions that play a key role in tackling climate change. By replacing polluting or resource-intensive technologies, ALD is an essential technology in reducing energy and raw material consumption and negative climate footprint in multiple industries around the globe. With ALD technology, hazardous substances such as chrome or lead can also be replaced.

    We could not stay at the forefront of the development without our highly qualified team. Therefore, we want to hire the best talents and we are proud of our success in building a top skilled, diverse and multinational team. Likewise, at the board level, we want to embrace its expertise, diversity and independence. While setting high code of conduct standards for ourselves, we also set them for our suppliers.

    Our ESG agenda  

    To live up to our values and to be a responsible company, we want to develop our sustainability work further. As an example, we have committed to following initiatives:

    • Reduce our consumption of liquid nitrogen by 40% during 2021 by replacing it with clean pressurized air
    • Reduce our energy consumption by 5–10 % during 2021 by adding new, energy-efficient modes to our pumps
    • Continue to reduce our water consumption after 50% reduction in 2020
    • Foster our highly diverse and multinational working environment
    • Pay great attention to equal opportunities in hiring and to equal pay
    • Support our employees in continuous learning initiatives
    • Pay attention to board diversity and independence as well as embrace diversity of our employees
    • Ensure good governance by living up to our code of conduct and supplier code of conduct
    • Drive continues improvements in our safety culture, and ensure the safety of our employees by targeting zero injuries and accidents
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