Medical equipment

Healthcare industries utilize a variety of coatings for several applications from surface protection and passivation to device manufacturing. Picosun provides the manufacturers industry-leading, production-proven PicoMEDICAL™ ALD solutions for coating bioactive and biocompatible ALD films on e.g. dental and orthopedic implants, implantable medical devices and instruments, neural stimulators, medical sensors, lab-on-a-chip devices, and stents. These can be processed fast and cost-effectively in large batches in Picosun’s production ALD tools. In pharmaceutical industries, Picosun’s powder ALD systems are used for surface functionalization of drug particles for controlled drug delivery. Where the highest conformality is needed, our proprietary Picoflow™ technology enables coating of standard oxides and nitrides in aspect ratios of up to several thousands to one.

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