Picosun Necto Wafer handling platform

    Picosun NectoTM is a fully automatic processing platform for Picosun process modules. As a completely integrated solution Picosun NectoTM controls and monitors all activities in the platform from control jobs and scheduling to substrate handling, tracking and processing.

    Necto utilizes our own PICOSUN® PicoOS™ control framework which offers a single intuitive user interface to access all features of the platform and its modules. The processing, monitoring and tracking capabilities of Picosun NectoTM integrate to the factory and MES via SECS-II/GEM interface.

    Picosun NectoTM combines PICOSUN® PicoOS™ process modules and the market leading wafer handling equipment under one optimized processing platform solution. The Necto platform supports a growing variety of different hardware configurations and layouts. Currently Picosun NectoTM offers solutions up to 200mm wafer size.

    By combining the best possible Picosun processing equipment into one Picosun NectoTM platform, complex and high-quality films can be deposited with optimal performance. Alternatively, production volume can be optimized by running Picosun process modules in parallel in the Picosun NectoTM production platform.

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