PicoSupport™ agreements

With the PicoSupport™ agreements, we aim to minimize your tool downtime, give you support for both equipment and process questions, and we give you access to additional services such as local spares storage, periodical maintenance programs, and chemicals delivery. We also offer prepaid service hours and discount for spare parts.

PicoTraining™ programs

Safe and efficient operation of the equipment is a prerequisite for all professional production.

For production customers, we offer Basic, Advanced and Guru levels of PicoTraining™ for ALD system operators, and Advanced level of PicoTraining™ for maintenance engineers.

For R&D customers who operate and maintain the ALD systems by themselves, we have Combination training which goes through the most important parts in ALD system operation and maintenance, yielding efficient jack-of-all-trades for your company or group.

Periodical maintenance programs

Every mechanical equipment requires maintenance to give reproducible results and to have a long lifetime. A well-maintained tool has better uptime and lower yield cost, reducing the total cost-of-ownership. We offer periodical maintenance programs where a certified Picosun Engineer will perform routine maintenance with a customized interval for your production or research.

Precursor delivery service

Picosun has a strong collaboration with the leading chemical suppliers to ensure high quality chemical services for you with safe and easy filling and shipping of the precursors and their containers.

We can help you with the standard ALD precursors for our turn-key processes, more complicated requests, and research quantities of chemicals.

Please feel free to ask for more information!