LEDs and OLEDs

    LEDs are one of the brightest ideas that science has come up with. ALD is the solution for making them even brighter. By utilizing ALD technology, you can produce LEDs with higher brightness, longer lifetime, and lower electricity consumption and address the challenges of moisture and temperature sensitiveness.

    Higher efficiency and throughput for your LED manufacturing

    We are working with the LED industry’s technology leaders for passivation and moisture protection of LEDs, creating buffer and interface layers, and to enable new 3D LED chips and more efficient phosphors. Picosun provides a complete range of ALD systems with high efficiency and throughput for 50–150 mm GaN on Si, GaN, and sapphire wafers for LED manufacturing.

    Typical ALD materials for LEDs are nitrides, oxides, and transparent conductive oxides. For these processes, Picosun offers coating equipment suitable for single wafer, batch or powder substrate processing.

    Most sophisticated coating technology for functional and protective layers for OLEDs

    When it comes to OLEDs, their fundamental disadvantage of lower brightness and shorter lifespan when compared to LEDs can be markedly improved upon with ALD technology.

    The organic, light-generating layer of OLEDs is extremely moisture-sensitive, where ALD films’ superior moisture barrier properties can form a perfect hermetic encapsulation. Ultra-thin, optically transparent ALD films are also suitable for flexible surfaces. As ALD process temperatures are modest and the method is gentle to the surface, it’s well suited for plastic-based organic electronics such as OLEDs.

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