Power Devices

    Power devices, power electronics and power components are major factors in helping our society stride forward technologically and ALD is here to enhance the performance of these devices to ensure not only today’s technological demands are met but also help plan the course for the future.

    Solving the challenges of GaN and SiC-based power components

    GaN and SiC have been recognized as the best materials for next generation power electronic devices. This is due to the superior material properties compared to conventional silicon, which enable higher power handling capability, higher operating temperatures, higher conversion efficiency, and higher electron mobility.

    Despite the obvious benefits of GaN and SiC-based power components, challenges still do exist. These include e.g. high interface trap density which leads to “current collapse” phenomenon (GaN), low inversion channel mobility (SiC), gate leakage current (GaN), poor threshold voltage stability (both GaN and SiC), and gate insulation and surface passivation (GaN).

    ALD technology offers superior solutions to these challenges as you will be able to produce the highest quality ultra-thin, defect-free coatings of unmatched conformality, sharp interfaces, digitally repeatable thickness control and exact chemical composition, at moderate temperatures from gaseous precursors which are gentle even on sensitive substrates. Some examples include: 

    • Deposition of defect-free high-k dielectric layers for reducing gate leakage current, increasing inversion channel mobility, and improving threshold voltage stability. 
    • Deposition of high permittivity, large bandgap insulators such as Al2O3, HfO2, and SiO2 for decreasing interface trap density and improved device performance.
    • Deposition of efficient gate insulation and surface passivation layers for Normally-off HEMT devices increasing their viability as a technology for large scale utilization. 

    Production-proven solutions for power device production

    As the inventors of ALD technology, we at Picosun provide a large library of turn-key, production-proven solutions for power device production. 

    Our solutions are suited for deposition of high quality ALD dielectrics and other materials with equipment specifically designed and optimized for up to 200 mm wafer size, such as utilized in power component industries. Picosun’s ALD equipment and solutions are currently in production use at several prominent power device manufacturers in Europe, USA and Asia.

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