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    It’s hard to find technological devices that don’t operate on a type of battery these days – much of the world runs on them. As such, there is a growing number of shapes, sizes and uses for batteries. ALD is an efficient, multipurpose technology for making the kinds of batteries we need.

    Solid state lithium ion batteries (SSLIB) are the main power source in portable electronic devices, laptops, smartphones, medical devices, and electric vehicles. In order to increase their energy storage capacity, transition from planar 2D geometry to corrugated 3D structures with substantially higher active surface area is needed.

    Solving the challenge of trenches with high quality ALD films with excellent conformality

    Due to its capability to produce ultra-thin, pinhole-free, high quality films with excellent conformality, ALD is a potential method to deposit the functional material layers inside the deep grooves and trenches of the 3D SSLIBs. Several battery materials can be manufactured with ALD, e.g. Pt, TiN, Li-compounds and electrode metal oxides.

    PICOSUN® ALD reactors can coat deep trenches with aspect ratios up to 1:2500 and Picosun customers have used the technology for example in producing nickel oxide anodes for SSLIBs.

    ALD can be used also for functionalization of powderous battery materials, for example for applications in automotive industries. Aalto University in Finland has developed battery materials for car manufacturers such as Toyota using PICOSUN® ALD reactors with POCA™ powder coating assembly.

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