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    Pharmaceuticals consist of various compounds, or rather chemical components. The types of these components include for example chemically manufactured small molecules, or large biologic molecules like proteins and RNA. What’s common is that they need to be proven to be safe, effective and reliable to use.

    More precision and control in pharmaceutical drug release into body

    ALD is perfect for pharmaceutical applications by creating a nanometer-scale barrier that enables unprecedented control of the release of active drug molecules after administration.

    One can improve the therapeutic window of active molecules by hundreds of percentages from days to weeks. This means fewer needed injections, better patient adherence and lower side-effects – even with higher doses.

    Pharmaceuticals also need to be packaged for storing, transporting, and administering in a way that they do not get contaminated before use. As the package is in direct contact with the pharmaceutical product, it is crucial that the package is safe – that there is no interaction with the substance that it contains.

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