Precision manufacturing
    Luxury products and coins

    Precious items we carry with us, like watches, jewelry, coins and other luxury products, need protection from moisture and humidity in the environment. Sometimes what they are enhanced by is a shiny surface or a tailored special color.

    Improving and protecting the surface inside and on the valuables

    Companies in the global minting and luxury products industries already utilize ALD for antitarnishing, passivation, and for improving the surface mechanical properties of their products.

    Picosun is a market leader in offering large, automated batch production solutions to the minting and luxury products industries. Our selection of ALD systems ranges from simple air opening tools with manual operation to semi or fully automated equipment with industrial robot, linear inline robot, or vacuum load lock substrate handling systems. We offer flexible possibilities for specifically tailored factory integration based on your needs. Deposited films range from high-conformality oxide layers to shiny metals, which can be deposited on thousands of substrates per one single run. In addition, we have experience in tailoring different film colors based on customer's needs.

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