High reliability electronics protection

Picosun’s AGILE ALD® technology offersALD coating protects the PCBA from oxidation a revolutionary way to improve the product lifetime and operational reliability of specialty electronics PCBAs such as those used in aerospace, defence, industrial automation, and medical technology applications. Picosun’s ALD coatings have been proven to mitigate some key phenomena responsible for the PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) performance degradation over time, such as corrosion and oxidation by ambient atmosphere and moisture. As a gentle, gas-phase method with relatively low process temperatures, ALD ensures no damage even to sensitive substrates or components. As the ALD film growth is based on surface chemical reactions the film does not peel or flake off, and the process is digitally repeatable with exact thickness control down to nanometer level. ALD coating adds zero mass to the PCBA and the PCBA stays reworkable. Plastic encapsulated components can be coated as well. ALD coatings can also be used as solder mask (alternative to e.g. parylene).

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